It was a great experience which I got in Kumudini. The Executive Reiki Facial is the best. I feel so calmed & relaxed after experiencing the same. At Kumudini, skin treatments are done in a very different way than other parlours. I always prefer and suggest Kumudini over any other ordinary parlour because it gives the most important thing which is “Satisfaction”.

- Mrs. Nilima Kulkarni
Housewife ( Age : 48 yrs. )

I had never been to any parlour before. But when I heard about Kumudini, it somehow appealed me. I had undergone many skin treatments before visiting Kumudini but it never worked. But once, I started a skin treatment at Kumudini, it worked like a miracle. I finally heaved a sigh of relief. I was much more than happy. Also, the rates are very reasonable as compared to the other beauty parlours.

- Miss Mrunal Shrotri
Student ( Age : 22 yrs. )

I am a 72 year old woman. I have a frequent Back-ache problem because of my age. So, I thought of having a proper Back Massage. I was totally speechless after the massage I experienced here, in Kumudini. The massage was too perfect & the most unique thing about it was that it ended up with Reiki-The Touch of Healing & I felt like I was in heaven. I just loved it.

- Mrs. Pratibha Deshpande
Housewife ( Age : 72 yrs. )

I rarely undergo any Beauty Treatments for myself & today, I am so thankful to Mrs. Reshma Gokhale. I experienced the facial & massage in Kumudini, I went crazy. Then I actually felt the need to visit Kumudini every month. I feel so relieved & satisfied. I can confidently tell that the facials in Kumudini are definitely excellent & unique.

- Sayali Modak
Chartered Accountant ( Age : 30 yrs. )

“Excellent” & “Superb” is all I can say after experiencing any & every treatment in Kumudini. I have almost experienced every type of Facial & Massage in Kumudini & can say it is the Best of all.

- Chitra Jog
Professional Dancer ( Age : 47 yrs. )

Reshma is a true Skin Expert. She considers each client’s health & skin history before suggesting any treatments. She knows how to make any type of skin truly happy. She is very friendly & it is always like meeting a friend at a Spa Party when I go to Kumudini.

- Mrs. Sushma Shah
Business woman ( Age : 45 yrs. )